Facebook Marketing

Facebook: everyone these days is well aware of the term as majority of us are involved in the “scrolling” activity of this social plugin very keenly. It would not be much wrong to say that Facebook has become the motherboard to our lazy social routines nowadays. It is considered more of a leisure activity which would actually not cost you much but would provide you with all sorts of information and fame around the world. What if someone starts using it for the promotion of his/her business? Wouldn’t that be a win-win case, where you are pursue your favourite hobby and start making money out of it? Yes, that’s exactly how Mr. Zuckerberg thought before launching the “Facebook for business” idea. Well, we can say, we are following his footsteps and taking his dream of making Facebook the biggest commercial platform to a next level via contributing through our services.

As Facebook has proudly claimed the second position in the online market, it has also famed itself being one of the most powerful social plugin for online marketing. If many of you don’t know, let us tell you the impact Facebook can do to your business: it can actually increase your brand awareness along with the sales and customers’ loyalty. What can a business require more? Few potential buyers that can be taken up for the long run, some dollars, to keep you happy and your brand image creation.

Reasons why you should choose Facebook Marketing:
  • Facebook is claimed to be the 2nd most visited site on the Internet.
  • It covers more than 800 million active user profiles.
  • According to a stats, every third Canadian is a Facebook member.
  • Around 84% of Facebook profiles falls under the age category of 35.
  • An average user spends 25.2 minutes on this social plugin every day.
  • The back-clicks or the number of users returning back to Facebook each day forms a good percent of 48.
  • Facebook is treated as a number one site for sharing your personal photographs.
  • Talking about the page views, it cast a good 61.3 million views per month.

Above described reasons where exactly the motives why you should actually quit what marketing you are currently doing and start thinking about opening your channel and investing your money on Facebook Advertising.

What our Facebook Marketing Services unwraps:
  • Strategy creation: creation and maintenance of your Facebook pages to make it a successful show.
  • Brand awareness: after your Facebook page creation, we design targeted advertising campaigns to go along with it to increase your brand awareness; may it be a product or a service.
  • After desk services: these services include the integration of the communication channel with the clients, reporting the work to them and reviewing it along with delivery of the suggestions for the currently running Facebook campaigns.

So, as they say, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Chin up and move ahead with the current trends of technology and advertising by switching your marketing mode to Facebook Advertising with us and let’s get started!

For further queries, contact us or get in touch with us by writing down to us. We hope to serve you the best.