Google penalty services

Do you know which is the most common issue that is hovering over the internet and the website owners largely?

Yes. The fraud SEO service providers. And how exactly can they harm you, people who are new to the business would never know!

The trick behind most of the quick earnings of these professionals is the fact of the website owners not being aware about the Google guidelines for increasing rankings and due to this, these professionals have high chances of making more money out of the ignorance of the owners.

The number of cases recorded of the websites Google had invaded into their list of penalty holders; are increasing with a drastic number each year and that is majorly because of the SEO service providers they choose to handle their website promotions. Now, as these new website owners have no clue about the timelines and the rules and regulations related to the search engine optimization, they just look for quicker and effective results. As a layman, they would just want their website to be on the first page of the Google search results as soon as possible, whatever measures it may take. Looking at this opportunity, no SEO provider would leave this chance of adding quick money in their accounts. So, they seek this opportunity and promise the owners accelerated growth rate and visibility of their site on the Google homepage. For this, they get involve in the spamming process and as Google is real smart, it can track it down with not much difficulty and charges the penalty over these websites. And as the website get banned from the Google search results, no audience could see it and the whole effort and money of the website owners go in vain as nothing can roll it back to normal any sooner.

Now, to solve this problem of recovering the websites of these owners and help them out with this crucial loss of them, we have introduced “Google Penalty Recovery Service”. Under this service, we would help you recover out of the penalty Google has imposed on your website. So, at any time of the day, if your site is penalised by Google, you can contact us and seek a refuge with us. We would first find the reason why Google has penalised your site. Once we find the exact reason, we would then launch our execution process to eliminate the reason and keep your site safe afterwards.

Core services in Google penalty:
  • Google Penguin Recovery
  • Google Panda Recovery

Even though this service of ours is running in the market for more than three years now but we would like to launch it officially now. We ran it earlier as the website owners (our clients) normally faced these problems of the removal of the websites from the Google penalty. We had successfully helped them out of those crucial difficult hours and would like to do the same for all the rest of our clients too. So yes, it’s now official!

To know more about our services and to discuss your query, get in touch with us by writing it to us and we will back to you soon. We wish you a spam-free day!