On page optimization services

How many of you would say that being visible on the internet is easy? I am sure none of you agrees with it. We live in a world ruled by internet and we all know how difficult the competition is and even more difficult the survival. To put it in simple terms, businesses in today’s world cannot survive only with their offline stores. The online presence and image of the business matters a lot. Now coming to enhancing visibility, it is really important to be shown in the top ranks by search engines for any business to get noticed. This seems easy but my friend, it is not a cakewalk. Search engines are getting very smart and just content promotion is not enough to shoot your website to the top rankings. What we need at this hour is on page optimization.

The term might be something you are not well acquainted with but is one of the crucial professional steps required to achieve better search rankings. In this method, SEO process needs to be applied in almost every part of the website. The important things to be done are:

  • Any process cannot be started until it is known what it is dealing with. So first and foremost it is really important to know the kind of website for which optimization process is to be applied and also have information about its target audience.
  • You need to be extra vigilant while choosing your domain name. If your website has already had fair share of years in the online world, then there is no requirement of buying a new domain as age factor is considered while allotting rankings.
  • Any webpage or website for which SEO process is applied should be very easily understandable and people should be attracted towards the content and it should be interesting enough to garner and hold the attention of the target audience.
  • It is very necessary to beforehand check the friendliness of user interface and navigation structure before starting the optimization process.
  • As it is said, keep your friends close and enemies closer, we all need to look out for our competition in the online world and have a watchful eye over their activities. This can help us know what all we should do and not do and can give us a glimpse of what is useful to us in the optimization process and what is giving no results.
  • What we get as search results are mostly the evaluations of our keywords that we type in the search box. So keyword research is another important factor that cannot be overlooked and if a website is more focused on keywords, the on page optimization process will be more effective.
  • Once all the keywords are selected, the SEO professional finds a search engine oriented site map that helps in the indexing of the websites.
  • Meta tags are no longer supported by Google and therefore the keywords mentioned in there are not followed. The brighter side is that many of the commonly used search engines still follow the conventional approach. They support meta tags and therefore they should be keyword-rich and should appear in the text body.
  • It is important to tag the images. This can help in a lot more efficient manner as the tagged images are usually given preference for the search results.
  • It is important to handle the density of the website’s content. If the density of the keywords is more than required, it can result in keyword stuffing and this can have fatal consequences, one of them being the ban of the website.
  • Last but not the least, it is very essential to have proper usage of the keywords in link anchor text. It should contain only the relevant keywords. This is like a trump card as some websites which have not that good content but have keyword rich anchor text are displayed above the websites which have good content but not better anchor text. Quite surprising, right?

These were all the points to be kept in mind while doing on page optimization. If you still need to ask something or have any query, please contact us here.