Pay Per Click

Do you know approximately 65% of people looking for products or services online, click on Google Adds? Yes, this is true; most of the individuals shopping online prefer Google Ads for making their purchase. I hope now the significance of Pay Per Click marketing is quite clear to you. If not, then don’t worry all your doubts will be cleared shortly.

Pay Per Click creates an instantaneous impact on the customers and provides your business with more significant reach and exposure. If you are seeking a fast and adequate return on investment on your marketing strategies, then Pay Per Click marketing is definitely the key.

What is PPC ?

Paid Search marketing popularly known as Pay Per Click is a form of marketing carried out through popular online platforms like Bing, Facebook or Google Ads. In this type of marketing, as an advertiser, you have to pay only for clicks which take the users to your site. It is considered as a manner of purchasing traffic for your intended site.

In the modern competitive environment, marketing is profoundly crucial for enhancing your brand awareness and increasing overall profit margins. PPC is the most popular form of marketing for driving traffic to your website. Researches reflect that internet users click on paid search ads more often as compared to another type of digital marketing. It provides advertisers with a unique way of placing their message in front of the targeted audience.

Whether you own an active PPC marketing campaign or you are entirely new to this world, our team of trained and certified experts is profoundly committed towards assisting you in attaining your goals. At ECompany, we follow a return on investment approach, which enables us to develop tailored strategies for you in accordance to your needs. It does not matter whether you are a well-established company or a start-up; we will develop an appropriately structured PPC campaign for you to meet your demands. We are a company with years of experience in the domain of running successful domestic and international PPC campaigns. And trust me, these are not just words, we have a wide-ranging portfolio of happy and impressed clients.

Features of Our PPC Services

At ECompany, we follow a culture of higher customer focus. We believe in customer satisfaction and developing a strong customer base. We concentrate on developing an atmosphere of continuous learning and innovation at our workplace so that we can deliver remarkable outcomes to our customers. We understand that the demands of all the clients are different in accordance with their business and determined goals. Hence, we listen carefully to the needs of our customers and develop PPC campaigns on the basis of their needs and expectations. We help our clients to turn their targeted customers into faithful customers.

We at ECompany are focused towards meeting and exceeding the goals of our clients. Whether your aim is ROI focused, increasing your market share, enhancing the awareness, or decreasing your cost per acquisition, we are here to assist you. Below mentioned are the core features of our PPC services.

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At ECompany, we follow the approach of putting ourselves in the customer’s shoe to understand their situation. We believe that viewing things from a customer’s perspective is essential to develop appropriate solutions for them. We work towards serving the needs of our clients; we put customer satisfaction at our highest priority.

We focus on developing a healthy relationship with our customers by providing them with the required marketing solutions and remarkable outcomes. With ECompany, you don’t have to worry about the return on investment of your PPC campaign as we deliver top-notch marketing services to our customers


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Our primary intent at ECompany is to make complicated digital marketing procedure simple and easy for our customers. And one of the varied ways we accomplish this aim is by providing our customers with an appropriate point of contact to manage their project adequately. We render complete access to our customers to the project details and information regarding PPC campaigns.

At ECompany, we have a team of proficient and veteran PPC experts carrying years of experience in running successful PPC campaigns. We allow our customers to directly contact their PPC experts so that they could explain their demands and expectations directly to our experts. We provide our customers with the facility to directly communicate with our experts and share their expectations and feedback with them.

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We provide our customers with direct access to the client dashboard and custom reports comprising the following facilities:


  • You can access the client dashboard whenever you want and can check the ranking of your site on the basis of search phrases and keywords
  • A detailed monthly report containing information about our PPC strategies tailored according to your needs
  • Our experts are available 24*7 to answer your queries regarding PPC strategies and marketing campaign



Our Services

Reaching a wide range of audience by means of organic search strategies can be competitive and time-consuming. The service of PPC renders the facility to show your add to the targeted audience without delay. At ECompany, we have PPC experts having decades of experience, and they will manage your PPC campaign, lead the strategy, and will provide you with elaborated detailing. Below mentioned are our core PPC services.


Remarketing through PPC is considered as the best way to get back the lost business. It allows the advertisers to target their previous customers and visitors in a more significant manner by means of varied platforms and websites. At ECompany, we utilize two core platforms, namely Facebook and Google AdWords. In PPC marketing through Google AdWords, we use video or image adverts. Moreover, we also run the remarketing campaign on various video channels like YouTube, by utilizing video adverts. In Facebook remarketing, we advertise to the previous visitors of the website present on Facebook.

You can utilize the approach of remarketing in order to remind your potential customers that they were interested in your products and services in the past. Moreover, you can retarget the customers in order to generate their interest back in your brand. PPC remarketing is not only an efficient manner of marketing; but this approach is also beneficial for the eCommerce industry, as it helps in enhancing the conversions of your products and services.

Paid Search Advertising

In the world of digital marketing, paid search advertising is an essential and profoundly beneficial approach. It provides the businesses with the opportunity to advertise their products and services on the search engine result pages or any partner site. In this form of marketing, you are only required to pay for the ad each time it is clicked. The strategy of paid advertising allows you to instantaneously connect with individuals looking for your services or products. We can assist you in targeting your potential customers appropriately by means of a combination of SEO and paid search.

Paid search advertising facilitates you to target your potential customers through multiple dimensions. It leverages you to gain granular control over your performance in marketing and authorizes you to reach your target audience on the basis of varied dimensions comprising location, time, and device. At ECompany, we have a team of certified experts skilled in paid search advertising on Bing Ads and Google Ads. We are so confident about our experts that we can assure a positive ROI for your business if you connect with us.

Display Advertising

Display advertising facilitates businesses to drive potential visitors to their site by utilizing creative visual add rather than entirely text-based advertisements. Display ads are developed utilizing a variety of formats such as videos, banners, and interactive texts, which helps in gaining significant attention of the target audience. Display advertising is popularly utilized to drive visitors that immediately convert into leads. The approach works effectively when you choose an appropriate advertising agency; otherwise, it can also lead you to poor ROI. Nevertheless, with ECompany, you don’t have to worry about your display advertising marketing campaign and ROI as we are here to provide you with the best services.

Our proficient display advertising services will assist you in reaching your potential prospects and generate outstanding sales lead with greater probabilities of conversion. At ECompany, we have trained professionals expert in the three most popular and efficacious forms of an online display marking, namely; retargeting, site targeting and contextual targeting. Our experts will not only assist you in generating traffic but also in enhancing brand affinity and awareness.

Bing Ads

Bing ads are the display, video or text advertisements that are present on search result pages of Bing. These ads work the same as Google Ads; nevertheless, Bing ads tend to be ignored by businesses due to its lower market share as compared to other engines. At ECompany, we successfully run marketing campaigns to enhance the business of our clients. Our team of trained experts would help you to make maximum utilization of popular PPC platform of Bing. We cover all the facets of Bing Ads marketing campaign, comprising keywords, key phrases, bidding, reporting, and campaign optimization.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are the best way of advertising products and services if you are involved in e-commerce business. Google shopping ads facilitate you to advertise your product, or service with a title, description, image, store name, and much more right under the search bar. It encourages the users to trust your brand for purchasing relevant product or service. We understand that starting marketing through Google Shopping Ads is a bit complicated; nevertheless, with ECompany, you don’t have to worry about your marketing campaign. Our team of experts will help you in managing your Google Shopping Ads campaign by continuously enhancing your ROI.

PPC Audit

A PPC audit is considered as the best way to analyze your account and identify varied domains that required improvement. There is a remarkable importance of PPC audit for the businesses trying to manage high-performing and impressive PPC accounts. In order to assure that your PPC campaign is running appropriately, you should perform a PPC audit on a regular basis. Conducting a systematic audit helps you in comprehending your current performance, identify current challenges, and pinpoint remarkable growth opportunities.

At ECompany, we understand the importance of appropriate PPC audit for assuring the growth of your business; hence we offer top-notch PPC audit services to our clients in order to ensure the successful running of their PPC marketing campaign.

App Advertising \ Pay Per Install

The prime intent for the app developers is that people get to know about their app, and they install the app on their phone. In this regard, online platforms play a crucial role in advertising on these platforms make people aware of the varied app and encourage people to install them. In this type of advertisements, your target customers will be shown an advertisement with a clear call to install the app. Click on the add will direct the customers to the app store or IOS relevant to their device. We run app advertising campaigns on varied platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Get in touch with ECompany, and we will help you to make your app advertising campaigns more attractive and appealing.

Multilingual PPC

Globalization has dissipated the geographical boundaries and has enhanced the international productivity. As a result of globalization, people are expanding their businesses to the global markets to attain competitive advantage and increase the overall customer base. In such a competitive environment, if you are looking to expand your business in the international markets, then you would surely require an effective digital marketing approach. In this regard, multilingual PPC is considered as the most efficacious and productive approach.

At ECompany, we are closely associated with our network of trusted freelancers and partners expert in a different language, who would assist you in expanding your PPC campaigns into the international market.

ECompany is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a wide range of marketing services. We provide top-notch PPC services to assist our clients in attaining remarkable success despite their business length and products. Don’t hesitate and boost your business growth by connecting with us.

Ecompany is the renowned SEO Company in Jaipur. We are dedicated SEO service providers leading your business in the right direction. We at Ecompany always strive to bring innovation in the online marketing industry and provide on time client support service.