Content marketing

You might have often heard about the approach of content marketing; nevertheless, do you have any idea how it is advantageous for your business? Content marketing not only enhances visits to your site; but also improve your organic ranking, and brand recognition. Content marketing is definitely an essential part of online marketing strategies and profoundly increases your ROI.Need to develop content for your website and develop top-notch marketing campaigns? Delegate these tasks to ECompany and see your business proliferating. With ECompany, you will receive content that’s optimized for your visitors and search engines.

Quality Content is the core component to make your website more appealing and effective and to best represent your services or brand. If you desire that your website attain your sales goals, it should contain expressive, comprehensible and search engine optimized content. At ECompany, we offer a top-notch content writing service to our clients that meet their high standard required by a high-quality and proficient website.

Advantages of Content marketing Service

Content is the heart of successful marketing. By developing valuable and compelling content, you earn the trust of your audience. In accordance with the research, the more content is consumed by your audience, the more likely they are to purchase your products or services. Below mentioned are some of the key reasons why you should opt for content marketing.


  • Overall cost of content marketing is 62% less than outbound marketing
  • Content marketing improves your efforts of social media marketing and email marketing
  • Websites that develop content on a regular basis obtain 8 times more traffic
  • Content marketing generates 3 times more lead as compared to outbound marketing
  • Adopter of Content marketing has 6 times higher conversions in comparison to others


Content marketing is profoundly effective and cheaper than the conventional forms of marketing. It is highly beneficial to influence conversions. Content marketing is considered as the second most successful tactic for generating leads. Small Medium businesses involved in developing regular content get higher lead growth. I hope the importance of content in the world of digital marketing is clear to you. Now if you are looking for content marketing help, you are definitely at an appropriate place. With our proficient content marketing team, we will help you to generate leads and enhance your profit margins in an effective manner.

Why choose ECompany for Content Marketing?

Content marketing is clearly an essential part of an online marketing strategy. It only reflects the standard of your website; but also plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers. Search engine optimized, and descriptive content on your site will help you in meeting your sales goals. Hence, it is essential for you to choose an appropriate content marketing agency, which can help you in developing quality content for your site. Nevertheless, with ECompany, you don’t have to worry about your content marketing campaign. Below mentioned are the core reason why you should choose us.


  • We conduct thorough research on our client’s website, brand, purpose, audience, products, and desired targets in order to develop content accordingly
  • We analyze the competition in the market, review the competitors of our clients, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to create compelling content on the basis of our findings
  • We develop content in accordance with the best search phrases and keywords to attract traffic to your site and convince the visitors to turn into a lead
  • We save the time and efforts of our clients by developing a blog, and web page content at a faster pace
  • We have a team of proficient, and veteran content developers skilled in developing descriptive, and search engine optimized content



Our Services

Whether you are new to digital marketing or only require a push in enhancing your brand recognition, awareness or likeability, a content marketing agency can do it all for you. In order to bring your brand and your purpose closer to your target audience, you are required to grab their attention. An attractive, expressive, and high-quality content plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your visitors and converting them into leads. At ECompany, we assure the highest quality content output in order to attract the audience that matter to you. Below mentioned are some of the content marketing services offered by us.

Content Strategy

Our content marketing strategy is mainly based on three significant steps comprising research, content development, and distribution. The first step of our content marketing approach includes developing a unique strategy for our client on the basis of in-depth research. We conduct thorough research on the target audience of our clients in order to learn more about them. It helps in developing appropriate content that appeals to the target audience.

The second step of our content marketing approach includes developing top-notch, descriptive, and search engine optimized content on the basis of conducted research. Our team of experts develops a professionally written and edited content for you.

The last step includes content distribution. Our content marketing approach comprises the automatic distribution of content to varied social media platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. At ECompany, we proactively research the interest of your audience before developing content for publication. This way helps us in securing your success in advance. Whatever are the goals of your content marketing strategy, we make sure that we help you to meet those targets appropriately.

Content Creation Services

At ECompany, we believe in developing content that converts. We create content in a manner that its every asset align with your business goals, convey your message directly to the audience, and generate a conversation around your products and services. We have profound knowledge about search engines, and we assemble all the essential information about your customers. Connect with us to develop appealing content for your site and attract your target customers. A great website is the one that contains content, which informs, inspires, as well as entertains. A strong content will help you in developing a robust online presence by developing trust and credibility among your target customers. At ECompany, we develop compelling content for our valuable clients that includes conversations with prospects. We help our clients in launching their products and services by means of digital advertising from creation to conversion.

Content Marketing Planning

An appropriate content strategy helps you to target the audience in an appropriate manner. Moreover, it also helps in determining the potential audience, where, why, and the manner to target them. Nevertheless, it is not sufficient to lead the entire content marketing campaign. In order to run the campaign successfully, you would require appropriate editorial planning. Effective planning helps in developing the tactics for adequate execution of your marketing campaign. It is profoundly essential for management of your social media and blog content. At ECompany, we develop an appropriate editorial plan for our clients in order to guide them towards running a successful content marketing campaign and attain the determined goals. Our editorial plan will guide you on themes and topics that you should consider for posts. Moreover, on the basis of the nature of your services and products, we will also guide you appropriate time to post your content when the audience is most active. We will also inform you about the channels where you need to pose the content to gain more considerable customer attention.


Copywriting is considered as an art of persuasive writing. It requires an efficacious and robust combination of appropriate knowledge, styles and approach to develop the content containing the capability to convince and influence your potential customers. Not everyone has the skill of copywriting, as it takes profound experience and skills for the copywriters to develop convincing content.

The intent of copywriting is not only to impress the customers but also to attain appropriate business objectives. At ECompany, we complete our copywriting projects with first evaluating the target audience, their requirements, and your solution offerings. Our proficient and veteran copywriters than transform your solutions in words that would be convincing for your customers.

Creative Content

Originality and creativity is considered as the backbone of successful content. It helps you in standing out in the competition, and remain memorable in the digital world. When your content marketing approach is followed by creativity, authenticity, and originality, it increases your content output and leads to enhancement in brand awareness. At ECompany, we opt for innovative approaches for the creation of content that resonate with your target customers. Whatever are your content marketing goals, we help you to entertain your target audience with the help of engaging communication methods by utilizing advanced technologies.

Digital PR

Digital PR is used by businesses, companies or corporations to enhance their online presence by ranking well organically or getting mentioned by some high-authority individual or website. Google is the most used search engine, and backlinks is an essential thing that you have to do to rank well on Google. Backlinks are the most crucial part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We at ECompany help you to reach bloggers, vloggers, journalists and online press having high organic authority to help you gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions-which ultimately results in better or improved SEO and better ranking organically.

Content Showcase

Content showcase refers to making content more appealing and eye-catching. Without content, it is impossible to flourish in this digital era. The quality of the material determines the number of conversions you will be getting. Good quality content makes it easier to get backlinks because everyone wants to link to a reliable source of content. An appealing content is not just about typing 1000 words, it includes proper use of photos, infographics, and video content to make content eye-catching. At ECompany we not only help you to develop content, but it also helps you to create good quality content to increase revenue, conversions and get high authority backlinks.

In the contemporary over-saturated era of digital content, there is a higher importance of fresh, unique, and fascinating ideas. We will help you to get there. If you want tailored, top-notch content for your website, contact us, and we will help you to run your content marketing campaign successfully.

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