Social Media Marketing

In the past few years, there has been remarkable explosion in the domain of social media marketing as it renders efficacious platforms to the brands to effectively engage the consumers. This revolution of marketing through social media has been introduced by the significant enhancement in the progression and adaptation of technology, which is demanding brands and businesses to rethink their marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is the form of marketing that renders global-scale interaction between business and its customers and stakeholders by the means of communities and virtual networks. Social media marketing helps to achieve marketing goals for a company at a faster rate as compared to any other form of marketing. More and more people are joining social media platforms every day. Nowadays, People depend on their mobile phones for information. Social Media has proved to be a valuable asset when it comes to marketing and brand awareness, and it is not going to get out of trend in the coming years.

Social media marketing includes posting pictures, videos, texts and related content on social media platforms to drive audience and getting them engaged. Social media marketing also includes paid advertising of the business which means that one has to pay the social media platforms some considerable fee to reach a large number of audiences. We have come up with a guide to help you understand the concept of social media marketing in a way that is understandable to all. For any further queries or if you want to do marketing of your business online with the help of social media platforms, you can contact our experts at ECompany from this number:-XXXXXXXXXXX.

Fastest growing trend

If you think that everyone has access to the internet and social media platforms, then you are wrong. Every day thousands of people join the internet and social media marketing portals as a newbie. People don’t prefer reading the newspaper or watching TV. People open their phones to go to Facebook and Instagram, and they spend most of their time on the phone. Social media is growing at a breakneck pace, and business owners have to keep up to that pace to get recognized and convert their business into a brand.

Social media trends are dynamic and they modify with changing market trends. Earlier Facebook dominated the world of social media. Facebook dominated it, but now people are turning more towards Instagram. So businesses have to adapt according to the rapidly evolving pattern of social media and social media marketing.

5Our approach to Social Media Marketing

At ECompany we offer a wide range of services including Facebook advertisements, Linkedin PPC and much more. No matter whether you are new to the world of social media marketing or own a well established approach, we offer efficient services that would not only enhance your brand recognition but will also increase your ROI. We have professionals who have many years of experience and have done a remarkable job in increasing ROI and conversion with the help of Social Media Marketing.

We as a digital marketing agency, develop and implement social media marketing tactics on appropriate channels, as every channel is profoundly helpful in its own manner, tit drives varied users, and can lead to impressive outcomes. We plan tactics and promote your business to the right audience with appropriate content planning in order to deliver right message at right time with innovative ads. At ECompany, our expert and proficient team members monitor every interaction of the customers with the client’s brand. Our experts regularly optimize the marketing campaigns to provide our clients with greater ROI.

How to make your social media marketing campaign outperform competitors?

Hashtags: – HashTags, also known as tag marketing, is a form of giving your post a Meta description. Almost everyone is using Hangtags on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Hashtags help you to describe your post or the topic of post or content and mark it as a part of current trends. Use of hashtags makes it easy for the users to discover your post and most likely to share it, if they like it, of course.

Shares: – Shares are the most crucial part of social media marketing. In one of the blogs, Neil Patel said that shares are the currency of the social media world. Shares matter the most when it comes to social media marketing.

Engagements: – Engagement is a general term that means the interaction of people or user with the content produced by you. Comments, shares, recommendations all come under one roof, i.e. engagement.

Why choose ECompany as your social media marketing agency

It is the most critical question. Why you should choose ECompany as your social media marketing agency. So, here are some key points to justify the situation:-

  1. Our professionals set actionable social media marketing goals
  2. We research your audience
  3. We help you establish the most important metric
  4. ECompany helps to analyze your competition
  5. We create and curate engaging content
  6. Here at ECompany, we respect your time, therefore timeliness are our top priority
  7. Assess your results and optimize for maximum conversions and ROI(Return on Investment)

Our Services

Social Media Management:

Social media management means developing and ensuring excellent and long-lasting relations with the customers or audience, which is crucial for the growth of any business. We can provide your social community manager with the right strategies, or we can take your whole social media marketing campaign. Social media was initially introduced to help people talk to each other. We also keep track of what people are saying about your brand on social media, and it helps us keep track of the progress. It is our job to create positive sentiment and conversations. If you have our social media specialist to work for you, then you will see better engagement with your community to achieve your goals.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world. There are almost 2.7 billion users worldwide. Even my 70-year-old grandmother has a Facebook account, so why not using Facebook for your business promotion by posting re-targeted ads. One in every three people on this earth has a Facebook account. Facebook can be used to increase brand awareness, website traffic, leads, or sales.

Re-targeting Ads is highly efficient; you can target people based on location, demographics, education, work, income, gender, interests, behaviours, life events such as having a child or buying a house. What’s the use of re-targeted ads? Well, no one wants to sell a laser gun to a 20-year-old or a gown to a man. That is absurd, so you can target the audience, which is more likely to buy your product or service. Facebook also has the option to build your custom audience, which allows users to target a specific audience. You can upload an E-mail list of your audience, or you can create a list of people who have shown interests in your products. As a Social Media Marketing agency, we here at ECompany manage paid Facebook ad campaigns of many brands. If you have our Facebook advertising specialist, we will help you keep pace with the ever-evolving mode of advertisements that will help you to outperform your competition.

Twitter Advertising:

Twitter is another massive player in social networking platforms. There are 200 million users on Twitter. Advertising opportunities on Twitter are growing at a rapid rate. On Twitter, you cannot type a never-ending post. One has to write an eye-catching phrase or paragraph of only 140 characters. Twitter was eventually used as a customer service platform, but now business is using it to generate more leads, driving traffic to their websites.

Twitter also has the option for re-targeted ads similar to Facebook. Ads options for Twitter are ingenious. You can target people based on location, gender, interests, work, income, life events, education, demographics and behaviours, word/phrases used in tweets. You can also target people by who they are following on Twitter. It also helps us to build our custom audience. A custom audience is the list of people who visited your website, people who are interested in your products. You can upload an E-mail list you are having of your audience, and Twitter will show them the ads.

At ECompany we have a team of specialist of Twitter Advertising they will help you to know about your audience better. The content writers will help you to write eye catching phrases and it will help you to advertise better.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Instagram is the fastest growing social network. There were 90 million users on Instagram before Facebook purchased it in 2013. Now, Instagram has 500 million users worldwide. Instagram is used to post visual stories of business. You have to be creative to dominate the marketplace that Instagram has to offer. Instagram can be used to get more leads, increase traffic on the website, but it is all about visual stories. Brands are coming forth to use this creative mode of marketing to increase their ROI.

Instagram also offers the option of retargeting ads. You can target people based on their location, gender, interests, work, income, life events, education, demographics, and behaviours. Instagram also has the option to build your custom audience, which allows users to target a specific audience. You can upload an E-mail list of your audience, or you can create a list of people who have shown interests in your products.

ECompany’s professionals are very creative and this skill will help you to leverage your Instagram Marketing by uploading creative posts. They use all the tactics to make your brand stand exclusive than the crowd.

LinkedIn PPC:

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. There are over 300 million users on LinkedIn. More and more people come to LinkedIn daily to know about what is happening in their industry, career and peers. The ad format on LinkedIn is somewhat similar to Facebook. With LinkedIn targeting ads, you can target people based on their gender, location, demographics, education, income, job title, experience, affiliates. Then what is different than Facebook? It is the PPC (pay per click) module that LinkedIn has to offer and the PPC module has a higher conversion rate. There are three main options when it comes to building any ad campaign on LinkedIn:
  • Sponsored Updates- this is a PPC format in which you can promote a post from your company’s profile page and make it come in front of the relevant audience. It is a great branding exercise as you can quickly get a discussion going on a topic that is covered by the article you have written. You can also deliver relevant messages to users and have goal-oriented points in their decision making or purchase journey.
  • In Mail – You can send direct personalized messages into the LinkedIn inboxes of your targeted audience.
  • Dynamic Ads- this is an effective form of marketing in which the profile picture of your targeted user is put next to your brand for maximum inspirational impact.
LinkedIn ads are highly effective and powerful when it comes to marketing from both a social and PPC perspective. LinkedIn is highly versatile and useful when it comes to market your business. Here at ECompany, we manage paid ads LinkedIn campaign for many brands. If you have our LinkedIn marketing specialist, then your business will always be at the forefront of LinkedIn advertising. For our B2B clients, we have seen some outstanding results coming from our PPC method of LinkedIn

Social Media for start-ups:

Start-ups should focus on social media marketing as it can be a defining aspect for your company’s success. Everyone is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter then why not use them to increase your brand’s awareness. We are not saying that conventional means of marketing are useless; they just are not doing that well like they used to do 5 or 10 years ago. This is the reason why every start-up should focus on social media marketing

Through social media marketing, you can keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand, how they engage with your posts. You can track your audience’s behaviour. ECompany can help you create communities to help your company engage or initiate discussions through which you can promote your company or services.

Social media marketing can help you to get better ROI (Return on Investment), more leads, better conversion, can increase traffic on your website, increase brand awareness, better customer service and customer satisfaction, SEO/SMO. The list of benefits from social media marketing is never-ending.

ECompany helps you to reach your goals by implementing every tactic of social media marketing. Our professionals are highly skilled; they will help you to utilize the strength of social media marketing to its maximum. If you have our professionals to manage your social media campaign, we ensure you that you will see the rewarding results in no time. You will become a brand from a small business pretty soon; this is the power of social media marketing.

ECompany is managing social media marketing brands of many brands from different sectors. Social media is changing every day, and so is the marketing trends. We help our clients to keep pace with the changing and ever-evolving trend of marketing. We can help you build a brand by increasing your audience, by posting creative Instagram stories, facebook retargeted ads, LinkedIn PPC module and other aspects of social media marketing.

Content Marketing Planning

An appropriate content strategy helps you to target the audience in an appropriate manner. Moreover, it also helps in determining the potential audience, where, why, and the manner to target them. Nevertheless, it is not sufficient to lead the entire content marketing campaign. In order to run the campaign successfully, you would require appropriate editorial planning. Effective planning helps in developing the tactics for adequate execution of your marketing campaign. It is profoundly essential for management of your social media and blog content. At ECompany, we develop an appropriate editorial plan for our clients in order to guide them towards running a successful content marketing campaign and attain the determined goals. Our editorial plan will guide you on themes and topics that you should consider for posts. Moreover, on the basis of the nature of your services and products, we will also guide you appropriate time to post your content when the audience is most active. We will also inform you about the channels where you need to pose the content to gain more considerable customer attention.

Don’t you want to build or become a bigger brand than you are now? If yes, then don’t hesitate and contact us for further assistance and queries.

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