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In the present competitive era, nothing is more throbbing then seeing a visitor going back without taking the preferred decision or action. It is quite essential to comprehend why the visitor left your website without making any purchase or filling the form so that the reason could be analyzed and the next visitor does not experience the same. And that’s where conversion optimization expertise comes into the scene. In order to stand out in the competition and attain remarkable success, it is crucial to track every visit to your website, activities of visitors, their manner of interaction with the website, and why they left the site without making decisions. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) includes maximizing the efficaciousness of your website in order to turn your visitors into customers. If you are facing issues in turning the traffic at your website into leads, then your seriously need appropriate expertise. Nevertheless, with ECompany, you don’t have to worry about conversion optimization, as we have proficient and veteran professionals having expertise in conversion rate optimization. Our expert conversion optimizers will assist you to weed out the problematic areas and eliminate all the factors responsible for developing hurdles in your conversion goals.

Core Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is one of the most successful strategies being popularly utilized by the businesses and brands as it helps them in making their site work smartly and enhancing their overall profit margins. CRO is the art of combining science with technology in order to develop the elements that persuade visitors on the site to become paying customers. A successful conversion takes place when the visitors on your site accomplish the desired goals, like making a purchase or filling the form. The total percentage of the visitors that convert into lead refers to conversion rate. On the basis of your site or business’s goals below mentioned are types of conversion.

Form Completions
Online Sales
Email Signups

At present, there is stiff competition among the businesses, and they are adopting a technically advanced measure to attain competitive advantage. CRO is one of the most popularly utilized options by the businesses to enhance brand awareness. Below mentioned are some of the core benefits of CRO.

  • CRO works by assisting people and the search engines in finding your sites quickly
  • CRO makes the website and marketing more efficacious and appealing
  • Every change made through CRO can be split tested which helps you in attaining a transparent view of the progress made by your site
  • CRO lowers your overall cost per lead
  • CRO provides your site with a remarkable SEO boost



The ECompany Approach

In the past few years, Conversion rate Optimization has attained remarkable popularity in the domain of digital marketing. Most of the agencies in the market are adding CRO to their services without having its appropriate and real industry experience. Our team of conversion rate optimizers has been working on the sites of our clients to enhance their conversion rates since 2010. The core reason we are a pioneer in this domain is that our experts carry out a thorough research on the methods of how to communicate efficaciously with your core client base and how to remove unconscious blocks restricting your customers from making a purchase or clicking the desired button.

Following are the core features of our CRO approach:

  • Adequate evaluation of the sales funnel
  • Heat-mapping and tracking of user behavior
  • Real-time customer behavior analysis
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Data analysis and user research



Why Purchase CRO Service from Us?

If you wish to render an edge to your competitors, it is crucial for you to integrate CRO to your digital marketing strategy. Now, if you are looking for an agency rendering proficient conversion rate optimization service, then you are at the correct place. ECompany is superior from other agencies in the market due to the following reasons:

  • Comprehensive CRO service: At ECompany, we not only identify the conversion issues of your site; but also solve them. We offer SEO, content writing, web hosting and much more services that would not only increase your conversion rates but will also enhance your search engine rankings.
  • Custom Conversion Optimization Service: We give the highest priority to customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with conversion optimization services tailored to meet their needs. We listen to your needs carefully and value your input in order to eradicate the challenges you encounter. In addition to this, we also audit your traffic data, and site to develop appropriate solutions for you.
  • Real Audit and Feedback from Real Expert: There are varied conversion optimizer tools in the market that run an automated audit for your website. Some of the tools are considerably decent. Nevertheless, the audit carried out through tools cannot identify the wrong images and headings conveying an inappropriate message to your customers. Moreover, the tools cannot identify the subtleties that restrict the visitors from turning into a lead.

Whether you have spent enough money on pay per click campaigns or SEO or none of both, CRO services can remarkably enhance the return on your marketing investments. CRO is a powerful tool highly beneficial in improving your marketing efforts and outcomes.

Our CRO Services

Internet is growing and enhancing at a faster pace with the advancement in technology. All the businesses are adopting online platforms to increase their reach and customer base. Nevertheless, if your site visitors are not turning into your leads, then there is no use of utilizing the platforms. With ECompany, you don’t have to worry about your conversion rates, as we have a team of trained and certified conversion optimizers skilled in enhancing the conversion rates. Below mentioned are the core conversion services offered by ECompany.

Call Tracking:

At ECompany, we take full responsibility of our work, and we believe in generating more significant results for our customers. Therefore, we encourage our customers to track all the channels that are related to their site. We want to know how you generate your leads so that we can enhance these outcomes and generate a better return on investment for you.Conversion tracking is considered a core component of the digital marketing campaign. In this regard, call tracking is an essential part of the procedure of knowing the manner how you generate your leads. When you receive a call, we analyze and track, where the call has arrived from, such as direct traffic, pay per click, or offline media like newsletter. We even analyze the keyword that the user has entered into the search engine while searching for relevant product or service. Moreover, we also track where the user is calling from and many other beneficial statistics. We provide you with a report containing statistics integrated appropriately to the analytics so that you can see the beneficial data at one place. So don’t wait and boost your business growth by connecting with ECompany.

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Analytics set-up is the most dominant factor for a successful or an unsuccessful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign.

Google analytics provides innumerous features, and most of the times, it is not even used to its full potentialities. The reason behind not using the full capabilities of Google analytics is taking over an account of a user. The settings of analytics are more likely to be absurd or incorrect. Parameters such as using the old settings or old non-synchronous code, using no filters or adding the wrong codes are some of the problems that one can face with an existing Google Analytics account.

Google analytics keeps on updating and developing, so staying updated with every coming update can be a problematic task-but it is worthy. Google analytics offers a large variety of useful tools and features. The tools and features provided by Google Analytics help you to analyze your data and making well-informed decisions. The tools can help you track a user’s behaviour on your site, the average time a user spends on your pages, from which location you are getting most of your traffic from, and the list is never-ending.

We here at ECompany can help you to track all the data points, as we have members proficient in utilising Google Analytics. With us you’ll see an increase in your conversion rates in no time. We love Google Analytics, and we love it more when our trained professionals help you to achieve your goals.


Conversions are the specific actions (buy, refer a friend, download, make a phone call, opt-in, click to chat, register and more) that you want your visitors to take on your landing page or your website. In 2004 new tools were introduced, which helped the website designers to experiment with the layout of a website, text, offers, and images perform best for conversions. The form of conversion rate optimization boosted in 2007 with the help of Google’s free tool, which was the Google Website Optimizer.

Conversion rate optimization is the science of getting more conversions by using some strategies. Best tactics are utilised by the professionals here at ECompany in order to assist our customers in getting the maximum number of conversions by testing the valid hypothesis, running controlled tests, and evaluating results to ensure long term benefits. The professionals have tried various creative things on many websites, and this confirms that they know what will work and what will not, and they will provide you with the best service.

Google Tag Management and Consultancy

Google Tag Management is a separate product by Google that is different from Google Analytics. Google Tag Management provides you with the option to edit (add or update) your website’s tags, from anywhere you want without the help of an IT professional which makes it easier to use.

The product Google Tag Manager was built while keeping marketers in mind, but anyone who is from an IT background or a webmaster will love it. The reason behind such popularity of Google Tag Managers lies in the features it has to offer like automated error checking, user permissions, and the debug console. The debug console helps you to verify that new tags are working correctly or not before making any updates. Google Tag Manager helps you to collect the right information and create custom rules and macros. The example for the custom regulations and macros is the thank you page that you are redirected to after completing a purchase. Google Tag Manager works with both Google and Non-Google marketing tags which can help you to adapt to new marketing tools.

If you need Google Tag Management Consulting service contact us immediately, and our experts will be more than glad to assist you. We at ECompany can help you with the Tag selection, tag clean up and migration, post-implementation audit, optimization, and training of your team.

CRO enhances almost all the aspects of digital marketing by improving your site value to each visitor. At ECompany, we are oriented towards attaining long-lasting goals by means of continuous research and analysis, meticulous testing, and rigorous reporting. Our team of expert conversion rate optimizers would systematically analyze your site while developing tactics and strategies for enhancing consumer engagement and conversion rates.

Ecompany is the renowned SEO Company in Jaipur. We are dedicated SEO service providers leading your business in the right direction. We at Ecompany always strive to bring innovation in the online marketing industry and provide on time client support service.