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Still using the age-old techniques of marketing? Not getting your sales up? To keep walking with the world and to compete with your competitors you have to develop a webpage for your businessAnd what if you need to recreate your webpage, give it a new look, new features, etc. which would help in building your image in the business world? . ECompany provides with one of the best web design services which would hoist up your sales and will act as a representative for your company.

A webpage is one of the essential belonging when it comes to increasing sales because now that the people have started living in a digital world they all want everything at a simple search on the internet. Mostly people judge you, your work, services and your business by taking a tour of your website making it the most crucial part of your marketing skills.

Your website should be capable of luring customers towards your work, and if it is not bringing your sales to the top then, you sure have to do something about it. Are you bored of your old website? Or do you want a makeover for your old site to attract more customers? ECompany is one of the most popularly known, skilfully working web development company with a high rate of customer satisfaction. Below mentioned are the core web designing services offered by the company.

Web Designing:

This idea means creating content of any meaningful form for the web. It refers to the production of a webpage or for adequate maintenance of the webpage. A wide range of web designing services are available in the market; nevertheless, not everyone is up to the mark. Hence, you might face issues while choosing appropriate company because sometimes some companies or professionals might not be able to provide you with all of these services. You need a web services company which can provide you with experts and skilled professionals who are up-to-date with the latest webpage accessibilities and helps your webpage to be up-to-date with the competing world. Web designing or website engineering falls under a broader scope of web development which might even require the professionals to create mark-up along with being updated with the latest guidelines of web accessibilities.

Nevertheless, you don’t have worry because ECompany encompasses all the services according to the need of your website. When we say web designing or website designing it includes writing mark-up, and it means the process of developing a page for the client, i.e., for the front end.

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Managed to host or to host management is somewhat like outsourcing where you contract works to somebody, and he provides you with expertise and other services. To be precise in explaining the term we can say that it is an IT-related provisioning model which includes a service provides who hires professionally skilled servers and hardware’s associated and then gives them on lease to the required customers and works as per their requirements. It also requires managing the systems and works on behalf of the customer who has requested for the accorded services.

Management is required in all spheres of work; hence, management becomes a key feature when it comes to hosting management for customers who have rented dedicated expert servers, hardware, OS (operating systems), system software, java web services, storage, and much other equipment as per the request. Leasing the stuff is just for namesake as many at times it is seen that the tenants or customers rarely use them though, they are given full administrative access to those leased systems. They mostly prefer interacting with the system part through a web-based interface.

The point to be noted and considered is that the equipment and services rented on lease only serves one tenant or customer as per the ‘single tenancy’ architecture. The companies hosting management generally provide packages, add-on services in the form of a menu which furthermore, provides the customers with options of essential services as well as advanced facilities and equipment.

E-Commerce Web Design:

what is E-Commerce? E-Commerce is something practiced by almost everyone, and it means e-business – business through electronic means, electronic commerce or trade implies the sale and purchase of services and goods from internet. The definition itself explains what E-Commerce web designing is and for a successful businessman who is working through digital media or does E-Commerce web designing is the most crucial part for raising his sales. For ordinary people, these days E-Commerce can be a technical word which is popularly known to them as online shopping, and this online shopping also includes the transfer of funds and data between two or more parties.

A webpage is vital if you are into E-Commerce for consumers, producers as well as sellers because an attractive website is quite necessary to fix a customer to your page and make him read about your work and for sellers and producers it serves as a boon and helps in digital marketing.

Payment procedures also become easy as you can go cashless when you are transferring funds through any online means. Advertising about business through newspapers, magazines, making strategies for the increase in sales can be very hectic and here comes the need for website designing. A web design company like ECompany will prominently help you with E-Commerce which includes advertising about the business, products, and services through digital and social media which is ultimately cost-effective when compared to paper works. ECompany serves as the best E-Commerce website development company for many business personnel.


WordPress was founded many years ago and is used to create blogs, webpages, and websites. It is one of the most user-friendly ways and is one of the easiest and simplest methods for beginners who are just into E-Commerce or are doing digital marketing for their companies. When you are browsing on internet you will be able to observe that most of the websites are powered by WordPress, according to some surveys it is proved that as far as 34% of blogs, websites and webpages are ruled by WordPress. Likely, 4 out of the ten sites you have visited on internet are powered by WordPress, and this service can easily be provided by any famous WordPress development company.

Anybody can easily access WordPress as it is an open-source content management system and the user does not need to know to program for creating content for their page or blog. If we dig deeper on a more technical level, we get to see that WordPress is a content management system which is user-friendly and if the need arises any user can change or modify the WordPress software for free which is licensed under GPLv2.

One does not necessarily have to be an actioner of programming or website and webpage development because WordPress makes building content for your blog easier accessible to Layman. It helps in building content for any website and is one of the best ways tobegin with E-Commerce, create portfolios, resumes, forums, business websites, membership sites, social networking, and almost everything you could require for digital marketing.

Web Maintenance:

Just like you have to keep a constant eye on the rapid fall or growth of business in the same way you have to keep an eye on the means of marketing you use for the publicity of your work. You have to keep a check on the progress and growth of your webpage or website, troubleshoot errors if any, make constant changes as per the needs, and update the page regularly. Web maintenance is what exactly we are referring to here, as you have to periodically keep your page updated according to the relevant needs, look out for any technical errors or damages. Web maintenance is quite necessary and should be practiced daily to ensure regular traffic for the page and to keep it healthy. At ECompany we offer web design and development services in order to assist you in strengthening your search engine optimization and Google rankings.

Usually, webpages, websites, and blogs which are created with complete care never tend to fall apart or face errors often so; you could pursue check-ups for your page in short periods yet, regularly. Some of the many things to be checked periodically are that whether the sheets are loaded smoothly or not, check for broken links, website software, spam comments, plugins, 404 errors, check whether all the forms are running correctly, keep updating with new updates, fixes, website design, layouts, SEO and meta titles, review advertisements and redirects etc. Nevertheless, with ECompany you don’t need to bother about your web maintenance as our experts will do all this for you.

User Experience Design:

User experience design which is also known as UD, UXD or UED is what uses HCI (human-computer interaction) design and extends it by addressing all the key features and aspects of the product which the consumer or user has perceived. It mainly focuses on the user’s satisfaction for a product by creating the interaction which is given along the product more desirable, durable, usable and accessible. This system does not work on a single discipline instead is a by-product of many inter regulations which concerns various brands, experience from the products, businesses, environment, attitude of the employees, etc. At ECompany we provide you with proper user experience design which will encompass in itself various dimensions like experience of an event, product or service individually and as a whole. Our main intent is to make sure that the consumer’s needs have been satisfied to the fullest without any fuss.


Magneto is an E-Commerce platform which is based on open source and makes various small things related to online marketing easy for the sellers online. It is something which provides you with reliable and useful catalog management tools, search engine optimization and powerful marketing techniques for better marketing of the products. This feature offers the online merchants with opportunity to enhance their online store, overall control of the look of their store, makes their shopping carts more flexible, functionality and check the content of the store. At ECompany we provide you with Magneto which is an open-source CMS written in PHP and is profoundly helpful for people who are starting an online store for selling their merchandise through E-Commerce.

Companies like Nike, Samsung, etc. with huge turnovers are also a by-product of Magneto which provided them the platform to raise a business online. At ECompany our skilled and veteran Website developers usually keep in mind the main features of Magneto which are customer service – which provides customers with information regarding that company, order management, search technology – which enhances the search-related things and makes them user friendly, fast and supportive, product management – which provides the customers with the wish lists, images, comment or review box, etc., payments – provides with various payment methods so that everybody can access it through their desired means of online payment like net banking, Google check, credit/debit, etc.

These conclude all of the various services that are provided to their customers by ECompany under web services. ECompany ensures proper consumer satisfaction and makes sure that their team works efficiently for the users.

Ecompany is the renowned SEO Company in Jaipur. We are dedicated SEO service providers leading your business in the right direction. We at Ecompany always strive to bring innovation in the online marketing industry and provide on time client support service.